It’s that time of year when you decorate your tree with Christmas lights and the lure of the lights can be intoxicating. The initial feeling of wow when the lights brighten ups a room in a single second. When you cannot take your eyes off of the tree lights. The Holiday Season is a special time of year.

For the layout on the right, an image of a Christmas tree was taken at night to show the tree with the lights all a glow. Having this photo taken at night is particularly special since it really does show off the beauty of the tree as well the children looking on with amazement.

A 12 x 12 background page of red with green stripes was chosen. When you think of the holidays, red is the primary color that comes to mind. We want to use this color in the payout to give more emphasis to the color and use other colors such as white and green to give the layout more “pop” and make the layout more inviting.

Based on the colors for the background page, we now want to think about what we want to use to frame our photo and what we want to use. The frame we used was a 6- inch frame what was made by hand, but you can also buy a pre-made frame at your local craft store. Just be sure to choose a frame that compliments the photo. If your photo is busy, use a simple frame. If your photo is very plain, without much color, you may want to use a frame with more color and pazzaz. In this case, we chose a plain white frame since the photo had a lot color and we did not want to distract away from the colorful tree.

We have the background page, and the framing of the photo chosen; now we want to think about what we want to have the layout convey. By looking at the photo, and the colors that we have chosen thus far, we want to add items that convey Christmastime. The children in the photo are sitting staring at the tree. We want to use items that illustrate what the children could be thinking as they stare at the lights on the tree.

There are a couple of more items we want to add to the layout. We want to add some embellishments and paper die cuts. Choose embellishments and paper die cuts to enhance your page. Embellishments and paper die cuts are used to get a response of WOW. When most people look at a page in a scrapbook, it’s not always the photo that gets there attention as much as what is used on the page to get a response.

A number of journaling cards were chosen to help add some color to the layout. A journaling card with a picture of a white Christmas tree with the wording “ Merry and Bright” to show how the tree in the photo brought happiness and was bright and full of color. A journaling card that says “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was used to bring across that Christmastime is truly a wonderful time of year. A journaling card of three arrows in three different colors of greens and red was not only used to add some color but to reiterate the saying in the journaling card.

A couple of things that we need to add to give our layout a finished look is to use embellishments to help enhance the layout. We placed an embellishment directly onto the journaling card that says “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year” and used an embellishment that said “Believe in the Magic of Christmas.” By placing this embellishment ove the journaling card, we are emphasizing the wording of the embellishment. Lastly, we added an embellishment “ It Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. It Is The Happiest Season of All.” This is a time of year, when there is decorations, and bright lights, and it brings out the best of people.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Background Sheet by Basic Grey (Aspen Frost)
  • One 6-Inch White Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card of Three Arrows by Bits and Pieces (Hello December)
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card “ Merry and Bright” by Echo Park Paper (Tis The Season)
  • One 2-Inch Embellishment “ Believe in the Magic of Christmas” by Me & My Big Ideas
  • One 5-Inch Embellishment ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It is the Happiest Season of All” by Me & My Big Ideas

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