42nd Street:Icy- Snowy-Chilly Winter Day

Icy Snowy Chilly is the best way to describe winter in New York City. Winter can be brutal in this beloved city, but New Yorkers handle the winter months like champs. As we continue with our series “New York Happenings” we are showcasing 42nd Street. For our blog post...

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Jumping And Playing In Rain Puddles

Remember when you were a kid and you were carefree and fancy free? Remember jumping and playing in rain puddles without a care in the world? For this week’s blog series for Everyday Life we have chosen a photos of a young child playing in rain puddles. These photos...

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Lincoln Center: View At Night

There is nothing like New York City in the evening. The glow of the lights from the surrounding buildings can be so enchanting. Lincoln Center at night is a prime example where one can be mesmerized by the lights. There is tranquilly when seeing Lincoln Center all lit...

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Central Park On A Snowy Day

As we are in the midst of winter, and the temperatures get colder, and snow appears, we still have the love of nature no matter what season it is. During winter it is hard to appreciate the love of nature when the leaves from trees are gone, and butterflies and birds...

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Wintertime:The Love of Christmas Lights

The holidays are now over. Have a lot of photos with friends and family? It’s time to take those photos and create a memorable scrapbook layout. Pick several moments or just that special moment that truly depicts that special feeling when you look at the photo. Before...

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Autumn in Central Park: Fall Into Autumn

New York in late autumn is one of the best times in New York City. Crisp temperatures, the falling leaves, as well as the change of color. These are all the best parts of late autumn in New York City. As we continue with our new series “New York Happenings” we are...

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