Riverside Park:Joan of Arc Memorial

The Joan of Arc Memorial is one of the oldest memorials in New York City. The Joan of Arc Statue is housed in Riverside Park. Jeanne La Pucelle later known as Joan of Arc, she was a heroine of the middle Ages. If you have been following our blog, we have a series...

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Smile, Laugh, Realize How Blessed You Are

As we continue with Gratitude series, this month it is all about understanding how blessed you are on a daily basis. We will be putting our emphasis on the saying and basing our layout using colors in the quote. The saying is as follows: “Smile Often, Laugh a lot, And...

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Roosevelt Island: Lighthouse

There are many places in New York City that have that special magic. That magical find where you find peace and tranquility in the mist of a busy city is rare. This particular place in the city you need to take a tram and vehicular traffic is at a minimum, is...

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The Brooklyn Bridge: In Black And White

As we continue with our New York Happenings Series we are showcasing one of the major attractions of New York City. For our blog post this week, we have an outstanding photo of The Brooklyn Bridge that we wanted to showcase. For the layout on the right, a black and...

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42nd Street:Icy- Snowy-Chilly Winter Day

Icy Snowy Chilly is the best way to describe winter in New York City. Winter can be brutal in this beloved city, but New Yorkers handle the winter months like champs. As we continue with our series “New York Happenings” we are showcasing 42nd Street. For our blog post...

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Jumping And Playing In Rain Puddles

Remember when you were a kid and you were carefree and fancy free? Remember jumping and playing in rain puddles without a care in the world? For this week’s blog series for Everyday Life we have chosen a photos of a young child playing in rain puddles. These photos...

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