Brooklyn Heights is known as a neighborhood that is picturesque with its great architecture from its numerous buildings. As we continue with our New York Happenings Series we are showcasing Brooklyn Heights in all its beauty. For our blog post this week, we have two outstanding photos of Brooklyn Heights overlooking lower Manhattan.

For the layout on the right, black and white photos were used of Brooklyn Heights. The photos are taken from Brooklyn Heights showing the Manhattan Skyline from a far. These stunning black and white photos showcase the beauty of the buildings in Brooklyn Heights along with seeing lower Manhattan.

As we study the photo at hand, we want to really study the structure of the photos. It is easy to say we want to accentuate the fact that the photos are in black and white. How do we want to best capture the essence of the photos? Do you choose colors that will bring out the richness of the black in the photo, or do you want to have the white be the focal point? What you want to really focus on is really very subjective to the creator.

The black and white photos are just beautiful on their own. We wanted to create a very clean and simple layout that would showcase the beauty of the skyline. In order to do this, we chose a 12 x 12 gray background. We wanted to start with the basic gray and then use a layering technique to then give our layout a dimensional feel.

As we mentioned, our gray background was chosen as the base layer to allow our photos to “pop” in our layout. There were two schools of thought going on, we wanted to make sure we chose other background colors that gave a cohesive look, but also added some brightness to the layout as well. The background pages were to help build up our layout. A multicolored sheet was used to add some nice contrast to the black and white in the photos.

Based on the colors chosen for the background page, we now have to think about what we want to use to frame our photos. We wanted to use neutral colors to help accentuate the essence of the photos. First we created a 5-inch frame in white for the 4x 6 photo. This photo was chosen to be the focal point in the layout. We then created a 4 x 4-inch frame in white. We chose to use a 5 inch pale blue frame to place around the larger photo in the bottom right corner to give the layout a nice cohesive look and balance to the layout.

The bulk of the work is now done. Now the fun begins! Choosing embellishments and paper die cuts are always the fun part when creating a layout. Choose embellishments and die cuts to enhance your page. Embellishments and die cuts are used to get a response of WOW. When most people look at a page in a scrapbook, it is not always the photo that gets there attention as much as what is used on the page to get a response.

Our first reaction when seeing these photos of the buildings in Brooklyn Heights and overlooking lower Manhattan in Black and White was WOW! How were we going to use die cuts, embellishments, and journaling cards to give justice to these fabulous photos?

First and foremost, we wanted to keep this layout as simple and elegant as possible. We did not want to clutter the layout with a lot of die cuts and embellishments. In order to accomplish this, we stuck with you using journaling cards to enhance the layout.

Not only did our multicolored background sheet add color and dimension to the layout, it also enhanced the black and white in the photos. We did not want to take away from the luminous colors that were coming from the background sheet, so we decided to leave most of the sheet empty. We did not want to take away from the colors and we wanted to have this layout as simple as possible. In keeping with the simplicity, we deiced to only use two journaling cards to get our sentiment across. A journaling card with a camera and the saying “Aren’t You Lovely.” This speaks to the fact that the photos and the setting are lovely. A second journaling card was used with the following saying: “I Love This City.” These two journaling cards helped depict the sentiment and feeling every time a person is in Brooklyn Heights surrounded by great looking buildings with the Manhattan skyline from afar.

The bottom line is, you want to create a scrapbook layout that has a cohesive look. Fun background papers, frames, and embellishments and die cuts to help depict the story you are trying to tell. More importantly have fun with your pages.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Background Sheet by Heidi Swapp
  • One 8 x 9.5 Background Sheet by Jane Davenport
  • One 3 x 6 Journaling Card “Aren’t You Lovely” by Amy Tangerine (Yes, Please)
  • One 3x 5 Journaling Card “I Love This City” by Amy Tangerine (Yes, Please)
  • One 5-Inch Light Blue Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 5 x 5 Black Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 4 x 4 White Frame by Scrapping Your Way


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