Carpe Diem. As the adage goes, seize the day! How often do we hear people say carpe diem? I first remember hearing this saying watching Dead Poet’s Society. That quote was said repeatedly in the movie. At the time, I did not comprehend what it meant. Years later I understood what it was meant to seize the day. As part of our Gratitude series, we are focusing on this expression: “Carpe Diem.”

By looking at the saying at hand, the basic color of the journaling card is white and gold. Based on the colors we see, we have chosen used a 12 x 12 Background sheet with pink and red polka dots. Using a background with pink and red allows the saying to stand out a bit more. We will now choose our other elements around the saying to help make the Gratitude saying “pop” and draw our audience directly to the saying on the page.

As with past layouts, we have used layering as a way to enhance and add dimension to the layout. For this layout, we have chosen a 9 x 12 border with a painted woman with a mix of pinks and whites in the border. We also have added a bit of dimension to the saying by using a layering technique with by two 6 x 6 sheets one with brown and white polka dots, and the other with ivory and black polka dots.

We have our background sheets, and border. Now it is time to situate them on the page. We have situated the 6 x 6 sheets, and then placed the 9 x 12 border on top of the polka dot sheets. Allow a couple of minutes before continuing with the rest of the layout.

The foundation of the layout is now complete. Now we need to figure out where we want to place the journaling card and then think about die cuts, embellishments and stickers that you may want to use to enhance the layout. For this particular layout we have decided to use paper die cuts to enhance the gratitude layout.

Lastly, our paper die cuts were added. The paper die cuts added represents the idea and feeling of carpe diem. In our minds, the border with the painted woman has a saying on the border. The border of the woman twirling and the saying” I’m learning to fly.” This saying lines up with the idea of seizing the day. Learning to take the reigns and see where it takes you. We also chose die cuts such as a bicycle to represent adventure. Usually when one rides a bicycle it is often for a sense of adventure. Not knowing where you are going, and doing what feels right. In our minds, flowers are the best form of nature that illustrates the saying best. We also chose a heart die cut to represent seizing the day with love as well. Remember when using paper die cuts they are meant to be used to give your layout a bit of “pop” to your page. They are not meant to overwhelm the viewer. When in doubt, less is more.

Let the words take center stage and there is no need for photos. The use of background paper, embellishments, die cuts, and stickers will help us create a world of gratitude. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our Gratitude page for August.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Background Sheet by Studio Calico (American Crafts)
  • One 8 x 9.5 Border of Painted Lady by Jane Davenport
  • Two 6 x 6 Border by The Reset Girl (Simple Stories)
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card “Carpe Diem” by The Reset Girl
  • One 3-Inch Bicycle Die Cut by Simple Stories (Carpe Diem Bits and Pieces)
  • One 2-Inch Heart Die Cut by Simple Stories (Carpe Diem Bits and Pieces)
  • Two 1-Inch Flower Die Cuts by Simple Stories (Carpe Diem Bits and Pieces)








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