“Create the life you love.” Isn’t this what we strive for everyday. Your days may be different everyday. However, try to think enjoy everyday, and stop and find that part of your life that you love. As part of our Gratitude series, we are focusing on this expression for the month.

By looking at the saying at hand, the colors of the journaling are pink, blue, red, and yellow with an olive green pattern background. Based on these colors we have chosen a 12 x 12 bright yellow and cream stripe background. The background was chosen to give a deeper emphasis to the colors in the journaling card.

The focal point of the layout is the journaling card. We are going to create our layout around the journaling card. We are now going to look at the colors and designs around the journaling card. Based on the colors from the journaling card we want to find a background page and borders to help bring out the colors of the journaling card and bring the saying to the forefront.

The background page has been chosen, and now we have to think about he borders that we want to create. As our readers know, we use a layering technique to create a dimensional look and feel to the layout. Based on the colors of the background sheets, several borders were chosen to help enhance the colors on the page. In this instance borders with green, white, pink, yellow, and green were used to add some color on the page. Two different borders were chosen with the similar colors. One border has yellow stripes and the other has green design using layered over a pale blue border. These borders were used to add a bit of a “pop” to the layout. There is no rule saying that mix and matching is not allowed. That is what makes this layout great. Different sheets, and color schemes are used to build something with texture and depth to the layout.

We have our background sheets, and borders. Now it is time to situate them on the page. The striped border was glued down first, followed by the pale blue sheet. Next came the green patterned border. Let these sit for a minute before gluing down the rest of the elements to the layout. While the borders are glued down, it is time to think about framing the journaling card.

The journaling card on its own is full of color and boldness. We decided that we wanted to frame the journaling card based on the colors of the sentiment. We chose two frames one in white, and one in crystal blue. To give the journaling a bit more “pop” we created two frames and layered one on top of the other. This not only gives use dimension to the journaling card, but emphasizes the meaning as well.

The layout is almost complete. We have placed the background sheets and borders down, now it is time to add some die cuts to the mix. Heart die cuts were created to help give emphasis on the word love in the sentiment. Heart die cuts were placed on the background sheet using the same colors in the journaling card. Lastly, square die cuts with blue hearts were created and glued down again using the same colors to enhance the colors on the page as well as creating a cohesive look and feel.

Let the words take center stage and there is no need for photos. The use of background paper, embellishments, die cuts, and stickers will help us create a world of gratitude. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our Gratitude page for February.


Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 White and Yellow Background Page by Amy Tangerine
  • One 5-Inch Striped Border by Amy Tangerine
  • One 3-Inch Green Patterned Border by Heidi Swapp
  • One 6-Inch Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 5-Inch Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • Four 1.5-Inch Heart Paper Die Cuts by Scrapping Your Way
  • Six 1-Inch Square Paper Die Cuts by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 4 x 6 Journaling Card by Fancy Pants Designs


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