Spring is now upon us. It’s that time of year where there is longer days of light, ice cream trucks, and children laughing playing in playgrounds and riding bicycles. What better way to document the joys of springtime by creating a scrapbook layout of your children enjoying the days of spring? For our Everyday Series, we will be showcasing a young child riding her bicycle in the midst of springtime.

If you have a lot of photos, and don’t know what to use, narrow it down to one or two. For the layout on the right, two photos were used with a young girl on her bicycle. Before choosing a background page, study the photos at hand. Look at the colors in the photos; what are the colors in the photos that you want to accentuate? Looking at the photos there is a lot of green. The lush green in the photos usually symbolizes the time of growth when nature is in full bloom.

We chose a 12 x 12 Background sheet of a shining sun. This was chosen to illustrate that the girl on the bicycle is to shine. Not only with this activity, but also with everything that she chooses to do. Now that background paper has been selected, this is your so-called “canvas” to build your layout using the selected photos. Being the theme is a girl riding her bicycle; we have selected journaling cards that not only compliment the photos, but also to help illustrate the concept of the girl riding a bicycle.

Based on the colors chosen for the background page and borders, we now have to think about what we want to use to frame our photo. For the photos, we chose to create a 4 x 4 square in pink and one in blue. If you are not crafty, you can also buy pre-made frames at your local craft store. Just be sure to choose a frame that compliments your photo/photos. If your photos are busy, use a simpler frame. If your photos are very plain without much color, you may want to use a frame with more color and pizzazz. We chose to have a cohesive look by using the same frames in different colors, which not only brings the emphasis to the photos, but also the colors in the photos.

We have the background page, and the framing of the photo chosen; now we want to think about what we want to have the layout convey. By looking at the photos, and the colors that we have chosen thus far, we want to add items that convey the fact that the girl is riding her bicycle. As mentioned earlier, we have used journaling cards to help illustrate that a girl was riding a bicycle. We chose journaling card with the wording “ She believed she could and she did.” This is such an empowering saying. It is a form of encouragement especially when you are doing something for the first time. We also chose a saying “Go Girl” to also offer encouragement. One last journaling card was used of a bicycle with the saying within the wheels of “Enjoy the Ride.” To always remember to have fun no matter what you are doing.

There are a couple of more items we want to add to the layout. We want to add some embellishments and paper die cuts. Choose embellishments and paper die cuts to enhance your page. We chose two similar bicycle die cuts to depict the favorite past time in spring, which is riding a bicycle.

The bottom line is, you want to create a scrapbook layout that has a cohesive look. Fun background page, borders, frames, embellishments, and paper die cuts are used to help depict the story you are trying to tell. More importantly, have fun with your pages.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Green Background Sheet by Echo Park Paper (A Perfect Summer)
  • One 4 x 4 Blue Square Frame created by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 4 x 4 Pink Square Frame created by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 4 x 6 Journaling Card “You Go Girl” by Simple Stories (Girl)
  • One 4 x 6 Journaling Card “Enjoy The Ride” by Simple Stories
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card “ She Believed She Could And She Did” by Simple Stories (Girl)
  • One 1-Inch Bicycle Paper Die Cut by Cut & Paste
  • One 3-Inch Bicycle Paper Die Cut by Cut & Paste

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