Enjoy the Little Moments. How many times have you heard this expression? We are so busy as a society that I think people forget about enjoying the little things in life. As part of our Gratitude series, we are focusing on this expression: “Enjoy the Little Moments.”

By looking at the saying at hand, the colors of the journaling card are white, red, and mint green. Based on the colors we see, we have chose a 12 x 12 crystal blue background sheet as our “canvas” were we will build our layout. The crystal blue background was chosen to help the colors of the journaling card to stand out a bit more. We will now choose other elements to help depict the meaning of the saying.

For this layout, we did something a bit different. Instead of making the saying the focal point, we chose elements to help depict the saying and have those elements be the focal point of the layout. We chose a 8 x 9.5 border of a woman smelling the flowers. This border depicts our saying perfectly. A woman smelling the flowers is definitely a little moment to enjoy. More often than not, people forget to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life. To add a bit more color, we also added another border of white and green.

Now that we have our elements, we can now glue all of the items down. The 6 x 6 green and white border was glued, and then the border of the woman smelling the flowers. Next we secured our journaling card. Once these elements are secured, start to think about placement of embellishments and die cuts to use for the layout.

Lastly, our embellishments were added. Again, we chose embellishments with the same colors has our saying. We chose pink, blue, and green. There is a continuous theme of color that gives our layout a cohesive look that gives our viewer a nice subtle feel rather than a rush of color. When using embellishments, paper die cuts and stickers they are meant to enhance your page. They are not meant to overwhelm the viewer. When in doubt, less is more.

Now let’s see what embellishments, and die cuts have been added. Flower embellishments were added to the bottom of the layout. These elements not only enhance the layout, but also there is meaning behind each element that has been added to the layout. The flower embellishments were added to represent nature, and to complement the flowers in the border. The bird die cut was added as a sign of freedom and having strength. Again, helping us to enjoy the little things like nature in our life. Lastly, we added butterfly did cuts as a sign of change and renewal.

As you can see all our elements have some connection to the saying “ Enjoy The Little Moments.” In the end, remember to choose elements that not only enhance your layout, but also have some meaning. Your layout needs to have a cohesive look, because your layout is telling a story. A viewer looks at your page and needs to understand what you are trying to convey. The bottom line is to remember to have fun with your pages. There is no right or right answer.

Let the words take center stage and there is no need for photos. The use of background paper, embellishments, die cuts, and stickers will help us create a world of gratitude. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our Gratitude page for May.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Crystal Blue Background by Close To My Heart
  • One 8 x 9.5 Women Smelling Flowers Border by Jane Davenport
  • One 6 x 6 Border by Dear Lizzy (American Crafts)
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card “Enjoy The Little Moments.” By Page Pockets
  • One 3 x4 Red and Pink Polka Dot Journaling Card by Page Pockets
  • One 1-Inch Pink Fabric Flower Embellishment by Basic Grey
  • One 1-Inch Brown Fabric Flower Embellishment by Basic Grey
  • One 2-Inch Pink Patterned Fabric Flower Embellishment by Basic Grey
  • One 3-Inch Pink and Green Fabric Flower Embellishment by Basic Grey




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