Time to talk about Gratitude. Our saying for this month is “Gratitude Changes Everything.” As we have a society, which constantly reiterates how everyone needs the latest gadgets to make our lives better and how if a person does not have the latest and greatest of something they are missing out on life. Let us just say, things do no necessarily make your life better. The only way your life is better is to appreciate what you have in your life. Appreciation for people and? The question mark is for everyone to think about what they are grateful in his or her life is.

The first thing that was chosen was a 12 x 12 background page in a bright orange red. This background page was chosen not only for its color but also as a base for a layering technique that we would use to build our layout.

Next we will choose our border for the layout. As mentioned we will use a layering technique to build our layout. We have chosen a number of borders and sheets of paper to give our layout a more dimensional look. Two of the borders were chosen to depict things that we are grateful for such as love, and the love of nature such as the sky and clouds.

We have our background sheets, and border. Now it is time to situate them on the page. The blue and white striped 6 x 6 sheet was glued down first, followed by cloud pattern border. Next came the teal 6 x 6 sheet and the journaling card. Lastly a Heart border was added to represent Love. Let these sit for a minute before gluing down the rest of the elements on the layout.

The layout is almost complete. We have placed the background sheets and borders down, now it is time to add some die cuts to the mix. A Tree paper die cut was created to represent nature along with a Branch paper die cut. These die cuts were added not only for what they represent but to enhance the colors on the page. These die cuts also bring a dimensional aspect to the layout.

Let the words take center stage and there is no need for photos. The use of background paper, embellishments, die cuts, and stickers will help us create a world of gratitude. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for our Gratitude page for March.

Materials used:

  • One 12x 12 Background Sheet by Lily Bean Designs
  • One 6 x 6 Cloud Border by Dear Lizzy
  • One 6 x 6 Heart Border by Dear Lizzy
  • One 6 x 6 Teal Sheet by MME Necessities
  • One-5 Inch Tree Paper Die Cut by Scrapping Your Way
  • One-3 Inch Branch Paper Die Cut by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 4 x 6 Journaling Card by Pocket Pages



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