It only happens once a year. That special day where when you are a kid you cannot wait to turn another year older, and receive birthday gifts. It’s that celebration as a kid you wait all year for. Yes, we are talking about having a birthday. What way to document your child’s birthday by creating a scrapbook layout of that joyous day.

Before creating the layout on the right, we studied the photos at hand. There are times, when studying the photos before you start will allow you figure out what items you want to place in your layout, and play around with different ideas and envision what you want in your layout. Based on the photo chosen, there two different colors dominating the photo that is the blue color of polka dots, and the red t-shirt the child is wearing.

When choosing a background page for your layout, think of it as your “canvas” to build on. There are times when you might want to choose a plain background to create a layered look or a dimensional background. You may want to create a more dimensional look when your photo/photos are not an action shot. This particular instance our background was chosen with colors that would make the photo “pop” and make your eye go right to the photo at hand.

We have the foundation for the layout. We have chosen a 12 x 12 background sheet in light blue with polka dots. This background is very similar to the polka dots in the photo. By choosing this background it gives more emphasis the polka dots in the photo. Now think about if you want to add any borders, and if so, how you want to use them in your layout. We are using a 6 x 6 border with rainbow colors to play off of the colors in the photo. By using a multi colored border it will give the photo more prominence. As of now, out layout is predominately blue with a touch of primary colors. We also wanted to add borders that gave the layout some meaning. We chose a border running across the top with words such as: birthday, it’s a celebration, and it’s your birthday. On the bottom we chose a border with numbers showing a number of numbers to indicate what age the child is turning.

We have our photos chosen, our borders, and background sheet. Now decide on how you would like to frame your photos. Do you want to use a pre-made frame? Do you want to create a frame? Or do you want to just have your photo free standing in your layout? There are no right or wrong answers. We have done all the above. However, for this particular layout, we have chosen to create our own frame. When deciding frames for your photos, try to use similar colors as your photos. For example, we will be using a frame in crystal blue, to add some dimension. Using similar or same colors make the colors more prominent in the photo.

To help depict that the child is having a birthday, we added some embellishments to the layout. As we mentioned before, we added borders with numbers and the phrases “happy birthday” along with “it’s your birthday. We also added embellishments with the saying “ “having lots of fun” and “it’s your special day.” These embellishments not only honed in that it is the child’s birthday, but the embellishments added a bit more dimension to the layout.

The bottom line is, you want to create a scrapbook layout that has a cohesive look. Fun background page, borders, frames, embellishments, and paper die cuts are used to help depict the story you are trying to tell. More importantly, have fun with your pages.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Background Sheet by Pebbles (Special Delivery)
  • One 6 x 12 Border by Echo Park Paper (That’s My Boy)
  • One 4 x 12 Border by Carta Bella (It’s A Celebration)
  • One 2 x 12 Border by Carta Bella (It’s A Celebration)
  • One 6-Inch Crystal Blue Frame by Scrapping Your Way
  • One Embellishment “Its Your Special Day” by Soft Spoken (Me & My Big Ideas)
  • One Embellishment “ Having Lost of Fun: by Soft Spoken (Me & My Big Ideas)



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