It’s that time of year when temperatures change, and you wake up to snow. There is a love/hate relationship with snow. You either love it, or hate it. For a child, the general consensus is children love snow. That first snowfall can be a life changer for most children. The immediate response is to play in the snow. Part of our Everyday Life Series, we are going to feature children and the first snow of the year.

Before creating the layout on the right, we studied the photos at hand. There are times, when studying the photos before you start will allow you to figure out what items you want to place in your layout, and play around with different ideas and envision what you want in your layout. Based on the photos chosen, there are two different colors dominating the photos that are a greenish color of the grass, and the white color from the snow in the photos.

When choosing a background for your layout, thing of it as your “canvas” to build on. There are times when you might want to choose a plain background to create a layered look or dimensional background. You may want to create a more dimensional look when your photo/photos are not an action shot. For this particular instance our background was chosen with a theme that would add to the feeling of the first snow.

We have the foundation for the layout. We chose a 12 x 12 background page that has featured snowflakes. We chose to go with this background to accentuate the fact that we wanted to showcase snow and the children surrounded by snow. Since we chose a background featuring snowflakes, we can now use other elements that have the same theme and build on the snow effect.

The background pages have been chosen, now it is time to decide where you want to place the photos on the page. Do you want the photos to be front and center on the page? Perhaps you want the photos to be placed on the top corner, or on the bottom? Do you want to give your photos more dimensions by adding a background sheet under your photos? Once you decide where you want to place your photo and what treatment you want to give the photos you can then begin to create your layout.

The basic elements for our layout have been chosen. We have our background page; we have chosen the placement of our photos. Now think about if you want to add any borders, and if so, how you want to use them in your layout. We have chosen one border.

We have chosen to place a border around one photo. The border placed around the photo has mint green polka dots the same color as the background sheet. We are sticking with the basic colors of the background of our layout. The white and mint green colors of the border are a nice bold contrast to the faded white snowflakes in the background page.

Framing the photos can be fun in where you can create your own frame, or buy pre-made frames from your local craft store. We chose to create our own frames for the layout. Sticking with the colors white and light green, we created a basic white square frame to really give prominence the faces in the photo. We also created a frame using green and white polka dots to continue our theme of polka dots to represent something falling like snow.

Once you have decided what you want to add, begin to glue down your items. We started by securing the border. Then we chose to glue down the photos. Next we glued down the frames around the photos. We waited a couple of minutes to make sure everything was secured down before gluing down the paper die cuts and the journaling cards.

Now that the borders and photos are glued down, we then chose to secure our journaling cards. First we chose to glue down our journaling card that says “ Oh! The snow, the beautiful snow! Filling the sky and the earth below! We chose this journaling card to help depict the scene of snow in the photos. Next we then glued down a journaling card that says, “Let it Snow! Again, really honing on the snow depicted photos. Lastly, we placed paper die cuts of snowflakes to add dimension to the layout accentuating snowflakes that are already on the background page.

The bottom line is, you want to create a scrapbook layout that has a cohesive look. Fun background page, borders, frames, embellishments, and paper die cuts are used to help depict the story you are trying to tell. More importantly, have fun with your pages.

Materials used:

  • One 12 x 12 Background Sheet by Basic Grey (Tis The Season)
  • One 5-Inch White Frame created by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 6-Inch Green and White Frame created by Scrapping Your Way
  • One 6 x 8 Border by Heidi Swapp
  • One Patterned Border by Simple Stories
  • One 3 x 4 Journaling Card “Oh! The Snow, the beautiful snow! Filling the sky and the earth below by Fancy Pants (Wonderland)
  • One 3 x 4 Journal card “Let it Snow” by Chic Tags
  • One 1-Inch Snowflake Die Cut by Scrapping Your Way
  • Two 1.5-Inch Snowflake Die Cuts by Scrapping Your Way
  • Two 2-Inch Snowflake Die Cuts by Scrapping Your Way


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