Bicycle Tags


These Bicycle Gift Tags are great for using as a tie on for Gifts, Wedding Gifts, and Bridal Shower Gifts and Baby Shower Gifts

These Bicycle Gift Tags are great for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Party Décor, and Birthday Décor, and Baby Decor




These bicycle tags are simple, elegant and perfectly feminine in a blushing pink cardstock. Designed to fit tagging needs for a variety of occasions, these wishing tags are especially popular for bridal showers, wedding favors and girl baby showers. Bicycles have long been associated with carefree exploration, summers meant for adventures, and country décor, so if you are looking to add a touch of adventure to your event these tags are a great way to do it.

Each order of these pink bike tags includes ten (10) cardstock tags measuring 3 inches each.

These pink bicycle tags are crafted by hand out of a single layer of 65lb pale pink and white cardstock. Each tag has a silhouette of a bicycle along with a top hole to allow easy stringing for bridal party bags, birthday gifts, or baby shower goodies.


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